Augmented Reality Channel
Augmented Reality (AR)
AR is a term for a live direct or indirect view of a physical real-world environment through the image processing techniques, combines the 3D virtual computer-generated imagery with the actual virtual.

Operating Concept:
1. Visual Senses Experience
AR augmented reality can successfully reach the goal of product advertising. It can achieve the purpose of vigorously stimulating the perceptual experience of customers, and contribute the brand value to them.

2. Immediate Cooperation
Diverse applications can be applied to the network or physical activity. It can also be combined with advertising print ads which more audio and video content.

3. Community Distribution
User can become the later on promoter of AR Technology after the experience. By sharing the information and feelings through Facebook/Weibo to their friends and communities, and achieve the goal of advertisements.

Application field:
Magazine advertisements, newspaper advertisements, product brochures, branding, educational materials, design evaluation, promoting campaigns.

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