XL Phone
XL Phone is exclusively invented by M3, is a sales tool specially for promoting mobile apps, and now majorly used in Shopping malls and showrooms. Besides, it can show the apps and advertisements on (23x64) inch big screen, to enhance the apps recognition to customers. Hence, XL phone is a convenient sales tool for advertisers and shopping malls to promote new products, upcoming activities and offering coupons, in order to increase customer inflows and brand image.

XL Phone advertising video

Main Specialties & Advantages:

XL Phone Design & Properties

  • Enhance the recognition of XL phone and mobile apps to customers
    Expose the sense of experience of use of XL phone.

  • Strengthen the interaction between the XL phone and customers,
    Enhance the sense of touch screen and screen quality. More demonstrating interaction, enhance the retail stores popularity and customer inflows.

  • Main Stream Mobile system, long-term facilities usage
    Support iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, etc. Main Stream Smart phone Control System has extremely high adaptability and compatibility.

  • Less investment, High efficiency
    Customer Tailor made XL phone functions and product appearance
    E.g.: Customer can select XL phone appearance colors

  • Enhance the opportunity of advertisers apps exposure
    XL phone can directly download the advertisers designed apps and display its functions. For example, the apps games, informative or directive categories apps, to gather the popularity, increase the customer inflows and recognition of XL phone, in order to increase the popularity of mobile phone apps.

  • Screen Advertisements, increase exposure
    XL Phone will display the Advertisement video on screen automatically without the control of operator, in order to enhance the benefits of products and activities.

  • Collect Customer Database, Enlarge the network
    XL Phone can record the customer database, data usage and coupons offerings, etc. Through these function, the advertisers can understand the customers’ interests and purchase habit. Moreover, the data can be used for further marketing analysis, and assist for exploring the new customer source.

  • Share on Facebook, website promoting service
    XL Phone obtains Wifi internet functions, customers can immediately download the advertiser’s apps and share the information through Facebook, to enlarge the customer sources.

  • Promoting events, enhance festival atmosphere
    XL Phone can apply in event promotion. It has the camera function. Customers can take pic with show girl or celebrates in the event. It helps optimize the customer impression, increase the customer inflow and develop the brand image.

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