ConnecTouch is a new conceptual sales platform. It contains multi-touch function, and aims to interactively encourage customers to experience.

  • ● Easy & interactive
    Multi-touch function in iPhone style, can let the sale platform becomes more interactive. ConnecTouch allows more than one person participant in the selling activities, in order to activate the whole selling process.
  • ● Tailor made design for branding
    ConnecTouch can be tailor made in different size, colors and shapes, in order to manufacture the most appropriate sales tools for the brands.
  • ● Collect Customer Data & Manage Customers Preference
    System can record browsing traffic, in order to perceive customer preferences. By sending the related product information to customer, can directly benefit in advertising.
  • ● Display Products in E-Book
    Install more than thousands products categories in ConnecTouch system, and display in E-book format. It allows customers more easily find their favorite products.
  • ● RFID identification
    By putting models on the edge of the ConnecTouch, The screen will directly display the related product information.
  • ● Directly forward information via email
    ConnecTouch has the automatic download function. It can improve the efficiency of promotion. Moreover, related information can directly email through E-mail. Customers can get the large amount of information immediately.
  • ● Synchronously connect to iPad
    By connecting iPad to ConnecTouch, allows people and select their favorite products in group. Besides, iPad can comply with apps function. For example, in Jewelry industry, although there is product shortage, customers still can forsee the effect of wearing sample products.
  • ● Maps function
    Complying with map function, in order to provide various type of information and enquiries.
  • ● Information of Product Comparison
    Compare with and marking for products in various types
  • ● Video Display
    Play pictures and video advertisements, promotes branding and develop product image.

Case Studies

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