Multi-Media Advertisements
Multi-Media Advertising Strategy
Develops the focus and cost efficient advertising strategy for customers. By relying on the good relation between i-Touch and public media, we are able to get the best advertising price and priority for customers, in order to achieve the most competitive advertising rewards.

Newspaper and Magazine Advertising

Bus Advertising

MTR Advertising

Promotion Truck Advertising

Mini Bus and Seat Advertising

Taxi Advertising

China Shuttle Bus Advertising

Truck Side Advertising

3 mobile SMS Advertising

Refer to the Office of the Telecommunications Authority data indicates, there are more than 12,000,000 cell phone users in Hong Kong. Every year each person receives more than 60 SMS in average. By collecting the data from large telecommunications network database, the advertisers can focus on SMS advertising to their targeted group, in order to achieve low costing and big rewards advantage.

The advantages of 3 SMS advertising (so-called 3)
3 involve more than half marketing shares, heating the target group is a must.
3 has more than 5,000,000 web site viewers, most easily attract the retaining customers.
3 has diverse platforms, included Finance, News, Entertainment, Musical, etc. It can meet different interests of targeted group.
3 can select your targeted group: included ages, genders, regions, purchasing habits, visitors and cell phone models etc.
3 can preset the location and time for SMS sending, increase the speed of purchase.
3 is one of the top international roaming providers, it is the first priority to hitting the mainland tour.
The service includes sending text, website, pictures, in order to enrich the content.
SMS will be remarked as provided by 3, it helps to achieve the advertising target.

Successful examples:
- Finance, Bank and Insurance
- Jewelry, Hotel, Catering
- Beauty, Cosmetic, Medical, Retails

China SMS Advertising

According to official data indicates, there is more than 2,300,000 people come to Hong Kong every year. The aim for the Mainland visitors is mainly concentrated in buying cosmetics, electronics, jewelry, baby food, etc. It simply shows that China is a big potential market. The advertisers can focus on SMS advertising to their targeted group, in order to achieve the advantages of low costing and big rewards.

The advantages of China SMS advertising:

Large operating platform
M3 has large operating platform. It can efficiently send large quantity of SMS in short period, convenient to customers.

Oversea Experience
Providing the 3G and wireless technical support service for oversea operators, such as Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, etc..

Energetic & cooperative teamwork
M3 team is formed by strong and energetic group, who has rich creative and innovative ideas and contribution.

Leading Technology Profession
We can deeply perceive our customer needs. We have rich experience in value-added service and sales tools innovation.

Concentration on targeted group
Mass SMS message sending via 2G/3G channels to our targeted groups on time.

Adaptable in broadly industry
Our capacity is able to reach various industries, such as investment, supermarkets, stocks, tax etc.

High Accuracy
M3 team guarantees our advertising promotion is on target and low costing. The service performance is recognized as the best.

M3 China SMS advertising can be adaptable in various markets, such as:
– Housing, training, beauty, leisure services, catering, entertainments, shopping malls, retails, airlines, logistics areas, securities insurance, etc.

    Case Studies

iTouch SMS Advertising

The mobile phone market share in Hong Kong is more than 120%. By complying with optimized mobile network nowadays, SMS is the most effective and efficient communication channel. It is able to send the SMS to your targeted group in short period.

The Unique function of SMS is able to,
Self-setting and display the sender name
Directly collect the mobile numbers
Monitor released SMS contents in anytime
Self-setting the name group on platform, and able to release to public in anytime
Self-setting more than 6 information categories in the same SMS sending group
Select the location (HK, China or Oversea) for SMS sending
Self-setting the releasing date and time, and able to modify the releasing name list and orders in anytime.
Support variety of texts, for example, Chinese, English, Korea, and Thai, etc.
Provide API and company customer base, integrate and publish in anytime
Publishing sponsor advertisements on SMS platform, in order to achieve the effect of low costing and high rewards.

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